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How to create new (missing) columns for entities in your Data Export Service Azure SQL database

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How to add your personal PowerBI Dashboard as a system dashboard

New Approach: Attention: Microsoft added this feature out of the box, so that the manual approach below is not required anymore. More to this can be found here: Old Approach: The general guideline on how to create a personal dashboard is described in this article: But what if you want to rollout a global PowerBI dashboard for all users? With some tweaks you can manage it to make it work… 1. After you have created your personal dashboard you need to extract the formxml of that dashboard with this URL query in a browser tab:$select=name,formxml&$filter=type eq 103 and name eq 'Ticket Status' Replace… type = 103 => PowerBi Dashboard name = 'Your PowerBI Dashboard Name' In the result copy the XML part out of the "formxm