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Personal language setting flips back to base language

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Revival of Dynamics CRM Customization Tool For Excel

Recently I used this tool for a Dynamics 365 project. I made a few fixes and rebuilt it with support for Dynamics 365 v.8.2.x. original code was taken from Microsoft’s discontinued Codeplex platform: thought it would be worth to continue this nice project and tool on Github.Its very intuitive, easy to use, and got some potential to be improved, also for V.9.x features.

Field Service On Premise 6.2.1 Setup

PreconditionsSupported Operating Systems: This install will work on Operating Systems that support the fall 2016 release of Dynamics 365 Server.The process:1. Download the SetupFieldService-OnPrem-6_2_1_38-5ea54f2c17.exe2. Unzip the Setup3. Start the PackageDeployer.exe4. Login to your target instance5. Go through the wizardLogin with user of Dyn365 Online that has Dual Use Right License like Plan 1 or Customer Engagement assigned:Final result:Field Service and Resource Scheduling is now available.

Microsoft Dynamics365 for Field Service Migration Tool for moving FieldOne to Dynamics365 for Field Service

My team and I were waiting so long for this tool:
The following version requirements exist for source and target environments:
Source:Dynamics CRM 7.1 or later
FieldOne Sky 5.1.0107.611 or greater
Resco MobileCRM Woodford
You must upgrade Woodford to and publish the mobile project to version 9.1 before migratingTarget:Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Fall 2016 release or later The process:

The tool:

More documentation is provided in the download ZIP package.