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How to create new (missing) columns for entities in your Data Export Service Azure SQL database

CRM 4.0: Update Rollup for MUI resets the user language settings after reprovisioning language pack

This week I had to install the UR21 on an old CRM 4.0 environment. I think it is very annoying to update every language pack for multiple CRM instances. And it gets even worse when you have to reprovision every language pack on like 10 different instances. Sure you could develop a tool that could do it for you, but it not worth as soon the customer will switch to CRM 2013. Finally, all languages were reprovisioned for each instance. But guess what happened now. All the user's language settings had been put back to the default language of the CRM instance. Now this will **** my customer off. Especially if you have some from a Western Europe country ;) Anyway, I had to find a quick and unsupported way to resolve this mess. Evoilá this is the script that made my day: UPDATE [ORGANIZATION_MSCRM].[dbo].[UserSettingsBase]    SET       [UILanguageId] = 1053       ,[HelpLanguageId] = 1053       WHERE [UILanguageId] = 1033 GO Open a CMD line and enter: IISRESET That's it.

CRM 2013: Update Organization ID of a copied instance

Today I had an issue at the customer side when we tried to add a second CRM instance to the CRM 2013 Outlook Client. The second instance was a database copy of the original CRM instance which we planned to use as our Test (Q) system. But as soon as we tried to test the connection to the Q instance we got the following error message: “ Cannot find any organizations on the server. Try entering the URL again. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator. ” The issue with copy instances is that the Organization ID of the OrganizationBase table will always stay the same, no matter if you import the instance with the Import function of the deployment manager. The solution is an unsupported SQL script that can update all references to the organization id as well as id itself. Thanks to frenkie smart who posted a brilliant script for the old CRM 2011 version and which you can find here. I modified the script so that it will copy the OrganizationBase entry with all the n