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How to create new (missing) columns for entities in your Data Export Service Azure SQL database

CRM 4.0: Unable to re-provision CRM 4.0 MUI after UR10 to UR21 upgrade

Today I tried to re-provision the CRM 4.0 MUI after an UR21 Upgrade coming from UR10. Sadly, every time trying to provision the language I retrieved an error. Turning on the error log this allowed me to find the real problem that I was facing here: Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'XPKLocalizedLabel'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'MetadataSchema.LocalizedLabel'. The error occured while trying to execute the follwoing SQL Statement: INSERT INTO LocalizedLabel ( LocalizedLabelId, LanguageId, ObjectId, ObjectColumnName, Label, InProduction, CustomizationLevel ) VALUES ( '0bd8a218-2341-1033-898a-0007e9e17ebd', 1033, '0ad8a218-2341-db11-898a-0007e9e17ebd', 'DisplayName', 'Preferred Customer', 1, System ) checking on web search I found this page: The page specifies the following allowed values for the CustomizationLevel column: Value Description 0 Indi