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How to create new (missing) columns for entities in your Data Export Service Azure SQL database

Bing Maps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile Apps for Phone and Tablets not working / supported, but…

Currently it looks like that the Bing Maps form control cannot be rendered in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile Apps for Phone and Tablets. I added it to my form and published the changes to my Lumia 950 Windows Mobile 10 device and still missed the Bing Maps. Looks extremely like it not supported! BUT… … I found out that if you click on one of the blueish links of the Address section if will open the native Maps app of my device:

Bing Maps is not working or does not show the map at all

Todays I made a classical mistake. I assumed that the Bing Maps in CRM is activated by default and I was wondering why I did not see the map of my opened account record. Simple enough was the solution: Go to Settings > Administration > System Settings > Open General tab Check Yes on the “Show Bing Maps on forms” setting.