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How to create new (missing) columns for entities in your Data Export Service Azure SQL database

Personal language setting flips back to base language

If you recently updated your CRM environment and CRM users approach you with complains about their personal language settings, not being able to set their desired language - you might have forgotten to install the required update for the MUI language pack(s) as well. if you see this behavior go to Settings –> Administration –> Languages There you go => we forgot to update the language pack to the latest update version

Revival of Dynamics CRM Customization Tool For Excel

Recently I used this tool for a Dynamics 365 project. I made a few fixes and rebuilt it with support for Dynamics 365 v.8.2.x. The original code was taken from Microsoft’s discontinued Codeplex platform: I thought it would be worth to continue this nice project and tool on Github. Its very intuitive, easy to use, and got some potential to be improved, also for V.9.x features.