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How to create new (missing) columns for entities in your Data Export Service Azure SQL database

SharePoint 2013: Upload in DocLib fails with 404 file not found via GUI or REST call

Via browser or my REST Client app I was not able to upload files with sizes greater than 300KB. After some research I found out that some coworder mistakenly changed the web.config in a wrong manner. He set the value maxallowedcontentlength for the requestfiltering section to around 300KB. Luckily, SharePoint Health is smart to find this kind of errors. Resetting the line in the web.config helped: The requestLimits element has a maxAllowedContentLength attribute and its value is set to 2147483647. => according to Microsoft MSDN.

SharePoint 2013: Experiences with custom REST services for SharePoint (DateTime and Guid Types)

Recently I tried to get some custom REST Services for SharePoint working but had the Problem that my DateTime and Guid properties or parameters always gave me back empty values or even the error Bad Request. Then I found out that the string representation of an empty Guid or even null value must be the Guid.Empty value '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' otherwise you might get a Bad Request or some strange behavior. Even worse was the transfer of an empty date parameter or property. I thought it will be good enough to have like this string representation for an empty date field "". Or even most common schemas like "2010-5-5" and so would not work and always give back a Bad Request message. Then after trying to post back a date value from my WCF REST Service to the client I found out that the expected format looks something like this: "\/Date(946645200000+1100)\/" After some research I now know that this is due to how .NET converts the