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How to create new (missing) columns for entities in your Data Export Service Azure SQL database

Set Multi-OptionSet values with a custom workflow activity

As the relatively new multi-optionset field type arrived with v.9 of Dynamics 365 the need to set values via workflow is quite a common requirement. So I searched within the community to find some ideas on how to solve and create such a workflow activity and so I stumbled upon Demian Raschkovan’s Workflow Tools with can be found on his github repository: It gave me some basic ideas to reach my requirements which are: Should be generic for any type of entity Ability to specify the attribute name of the required multi-optionset for that entity Provide a list of multi-optionset values (comma-separated) Keep existing values (True/Yes => add provided values / False/No => replace all values with the provided values Remove specific value(s) from an existing set of v

Updating custom workflow activites with additional input parameters

While developing new or extending existing custom workflow activies you might experience a problem that new or updated  input parameters will not show up on the workflow designer UI. In the Plugin Registrations tool you successfully updated the assembly, but still it does not show up on the UI. A simple trick solves the issue: In the Plugin Registration Tool select the workflow activity that you want to update and press the save button in the properties section.