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How to create new (missing) columns for entities in your Data Export Service Azure SQL database

Auto Number Workflow: Lessons learned with decimal separators

I read several blog articles how easy it is to use realtime workflow based auto number solution with a new auto number entity.In one of the recent project I thought I will use this approach instead of a third party solution.
It worked fine but I struggled with this issue:As you can see the value has decimal separators.
So I was upset and thought about how to solve it.
A blog article wrote about how we could change the user and the global format settings to work around this issue.
I did not like this approach neither would my customers like it.Finally, I smart tip was found on this blog article written by Prashant Shukla:
“To remove the comma from the Auto-Number field (whole number), copy it to a calculated field of Single Line of Text.”
Only thing after the creation of this new field I had to update the workflow to reference the new calculated field which ended in this per…