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How to create new (missing) columns for entities in your Data Export Service Azure SQL database

CRM 2013: Translation import error: The value passed for ConditionOperator.In is empty

This week a very evil error drove me nuts. In CRM 2013 I tried to import a translation file into an organization. It always ended up with this error message: The value passed for ConditionOperator.In is empty I was like what in the world does this message mean. If an old school approach in splitting up the file into serveral smaller Import files I finally figured out that the following lines in the "Localized Labels" sheet caused this trouble: RibbonCustomization 11a15acc-61f1-e311-93f9-00505681252e Mscrm.Isv.orb_input.HomepageGrid.Group0.Control0.LocLabel RibbonCustomization 11a15acc-61f1-e311-93f9-00505681252e Mscrm.Isv.orb_input.HomepageGrid.Group0.Control0.ToolTip.LocLabel RibbonCustomization 11a15acc-61f1-e311-93f9-00505681252e Mscrm.Isv.orb_input.SubGrid.Group0.Control0.LocLabel RibbonCustomization 11a15acc-61f1-e311-93f9-00505681252e Mscrm.Isv.orb_input.SubGrid.Group0.Control0.ToolTip.LocLabel To resolve t

CRM 4.0: Custom Report -> Incorrect syntax near ...

The customer had an issue with a custom CRM 4.0 report. It seems this error occured now because the SQL Server run with 2008 instead of 2005 or the report indeed had a bug. (Thanks to SQL Profiler, I found it.) The customer had this error coming up: Query execution failed for dataset '....'. Incorrect syntax near '20140913' After analysing the report XML I figured out the problem: DECLARE @SQL AS NVARCHAR(MAX) SET @SQL = ' SELECT CRMAF_FilteredAccount.accountid, CRMAF_FilteredContact.firstname, CRMAF_FilteredContact.jobtitle, CRMAF_FilteredContact.lastname, CRMAF_FilteredContact.telephone1 FROM (' + @CRM_FilteredAccount + ') AS CRMAF_FilteredAccount INNER JOIN FilteredContact AS CRMAF_FilteredContact ON CRMAF_FilteredAccount.accountid = CRMAF_FilteredContact.parentcustomerid ORDER BY CRMAF_FilteredContact.lastname' EXEC(@SQL) The red must be replaced with: DECLARE @SQL AS NVARCHAR(MAX) SET @SQL = ' SELECT CRMAF_FilteredAc