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How to create new (missing) columns for entities in your Data Export Service Azure SQL database

Windows installer doesn't finish determining disk space requirements

I tried to install AnkhSvn-2.1.7444.278.msi on my Windows Server 2008 32Bit VPC image and had the following problem: Before starting the actual installation process, the Windows Installer checks how much disk space is available, but it doesn’t finish this process. It pops up with the message "please wait while the installer finishes determining your disk space requirements" and stays there. After some research in the internet I found the following way to still install my MSI package on that system. msiexec /package /qr

AsyncFileUpload issue with usage in an IFRAME

If you use an aspx page with the AsyncFileUpload control in the context of an IFRAME, I experienced the following issue: Page1 ------- IFRAME -----------------Page2 with AsyncFileUpload (AFU) control if you upload a file, the AFU control will set the form's target attribute to "_top", now comes the fatal issue: use another button control that will do a postback (no matter if update panel or not) and what happens is that the postback response will load instead of Page1 and therefore jumps out of the IFRAME and "takes over" the place of Page1. The workaround to this problem was rather simple: In the client-side event OnClientUploadComplete of the AsyncFileUpload I added the function uploadCompleted which looks like this: function uploadComplete(sender) { var msg = $get( "<%=LabelMsg.ClientID%>" ); msg.innerHTML = "<b>File Uploaded Successfully</b>" ; $get( "<%=ButtonPreview.ClientID%>" ).style.displ

Welcome to my blog spot!

In this blog I want to share my experiences with developing highly customized Microsoft business applications for all kinds of customers in Germany. (e.g. Sharepoint Office Server 2007/2010, MS CRM 4.0, ASP.NET and .NET applications). While developing I many times stumble over obstacles either self-made or given through buggy API assemblies or third party providers. I think it would be great to share those things in order to help others to avoid these issues first hand.