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How to create new (missing) columns for entities in your Data Export Service Azure SQL database

Dynamics 365 App Designer - Web Interface is going to be / already deprecated?

In version 1710 ( of Dynamics 365 Online we get this dialog to create a new app… As you can see it contains the Client options Web and Unified Interface. After an automatic minor update to the newer version 1710 ( online you only have this dialog available. This version creates a unified interface app by default and you cannot create apps with a web interface anymore. Microsoft is transitioning from the classic web interface to the relatively new unified interface. Is this the version where we cannot create new web interface based apps anymore? Either this is a bug or we face the next wave mentioned in Steve Mordue’s article:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'Metadata' of undefined at Object.GetOrderType - resolved

Field Service added some new forms to entities like opportunity, quote, order, etc. as well as a JavaScript library running on these forms. Now if you had copied a form based on a FS form then with an earlier version of Field Service you would have received this error everytime you try to save or load a record. TypeError: Cannot read property 'Metadata' of undefined at Object. GetOrderType ( at Object.FormApplies ( at Object.OnLoad ( at

Issue with SLA fields with lower case schema names

On a customer tenant we had the issue on some orgs that with SLA feature enabled on the entity work order the transferred solution created on the target system fields with lower case schema names: DEV-System with proper schema names: Exported as managed solution and then imported to a Dynamics 8.2.2.x Online system: => now with wrong lower case schema names Microsoft confirmed in our support case that this is a bug and it was fixed in this version: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 1612 ( (DB online