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How to create new (missing) columns for entities in your Data Export Service Azure SQL database

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Free assessment by Microsoft

The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation is scheduled to take effect on May 25, 2018. Designed to serve as a uniform set of data protection laws within the EU, it will become law alongside the BDSG in Germany. This means that all affected companies will need to make extensive adjustments to the new legal landscape. Here are the most important impending changes: Expanded executive responsibility Effective application of data protection law based on increased liability and fines “Privacy by design” and “privacy by default” will become basic principles of data protection law Data Protection Impact Assessments Expanded obligation to report data incidents Expanded documentation regulations (including with regard to information security management systems, or ISMS) Expanded citizens’ rights Modified role for data protection officers Since there won’t be any transitional period as they take effect, you need to get your company ready for these new l

Application was unable to connect to the external server

One of our customers approached us with the following issue they had with the Field Service app provided by Microsoft’s Store. The customer has an on-premise CRM installation. Therefore the app is required to access the CRM server via ADFS in the company’s local area network. The simplified architecture looks equal to this one: After some time of investigation I was able to repreduce this issue with the native Resco Mobile CRM app installed via Microsoft Store with Windows 10 as well. Whenever the machine had an internet connection the app worked just fine, but as soon as the app was launched in a local area network only without any internet connection, the app complained with the error box shown above. Second step was to use Fiddler tracing as described here: With an active internet connection I found appropriate Fiddler logs with connection requests. Interestingly, without internet connection I could not find any requests at all. This ga