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How to create new (missing) columns for entities in your Data Export Service Azure SQL database

Struggling with SharePoint Field Controls (BooleanField)

In my code-behind I tried to set the CssClass property of a Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.BooleanField field during Page_OnLoad. During a debug session I could find out, that this control's CssClass property is "ms-input" by default. I overwrote it by different class name. This field gets rendered on the page like this: <TD class="ms-formbody No-Borders" vAlign=top align=middle><SPAN dir=none><INPUT id=ctl00_m_g_6796b238_94c6_47ff_bf38_ca66daa7a0d5_ctl00_AlertFormContent1_ConfirmationField_ctl00_BooleanField title="Quality Confirmation" type=checkbox name=ctl00$m$g_6796b238_94c6_47ff_bf38_ca66daa7a0d5$ctl00$AlertFormContent1$ConfirmationField$ctl00$BooleanField><BR></SPAN></TD> As you can see SharePoint actually does not render any CSS class style on this input field type. I am wondering why the CssClass is available and set by a default value although it does not get rendered. I would like to know why

SharePoint 2010: Bug in Advanced Search Webpart

Today I found a nasty bug with the AdvancedSearchWebpart: I put the wepart on a standard web part page: Then I went into edit mode and deselected the other search text box fields so that I only have the first one "All of these words": Then I entered a search string "test" to see what's happening: The result was this:  I turned on the debugger to find the place where the error appeared: It crashed in the method "ComposeTextSectionQuery" because the hidden fields won't be rendered and therefore the attempt to access "elements.PhraseQueryTextBox.value" will result in the error mentioned above. I thought this was fixed with MOSS2007 already. Is Microsoft going steps backward with SP2010? I hope this will get fixed soon!