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How to create new (missing) columns for entities in your Data Export Service Azure SQL database

Yet Another Address Autocomplete PCF Control–powered by Bing

In this blog post I will not go into detail in how to install all the pre-requisites that are required to build and run PCF controls. My goal was to build a new PCF control and get into coding of PCF controls as fast as possible. Here are a few links to articles that will help you installing the pre-requisites (Microsoft PowerApps CLI) Other good references to get into this topic: I looked through the Guido Preite’s which will help you find appropriate use cases / examples for your own needs. It did not take very long to find a simple example to start with: Andrew Butenko's A few moments later I had the idea to create yet another address autocomplete

Experiences with profile cards in Dynamics 365 v.9.1

Today I was testing out the profile cards feature and analysed how Microsoft implemented it as there is only little information to find on, like this article: While using the profile cards I experienced a behavior that was not really self-explanatory for me and my colleagues. Thanks to Chrome DevTools I was able to have look behind the scences to find more information on how it works. Key findings If you use a contact lookup field on an entity form and... select a contact that has the field "emailaddress1" filled you will get a persona card popup if the contact has "emailaddress1" not filled the persona card popup will not show up For system users there are two fields that are used to show the persona card popup: internalemailaddress azureactivedirectoryobjectid The following snippet helped me identify those fields and depende