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Yet Another Address Autocomplete PCF Control–powered by Bing

Experiences with profile cards in Dynamics 365 v.9.1

Today I was testing out the profile cards feature and analysed how Microsoft implemented it as there is only little information to find on, like this article:

While using the profile cards I experienced a behavior that was not really self-explanatory for me and my colleagues. Thanks to Chrome DevTools I was able to have look behind the scences to find more information on how it works.

Key findings

If you use a contact lookup field on an entity form and...
  • select a contact that has the field "emailaddress1" filled you will get a persona card popup
  • if the contact has "emailaddress1" not filled the persona card popup will not show up
For system users there are two fields that are used to show the persona card popup:
  • internalemailaddress
  • azureactivedirectoryobjectid
The following snippet helped me identify those fields and dependencies:

t.prototype._getQueryOptions = function (e) {
 switch (e) {
 case "contact":
  return "?$select=emailaddress1";
 case "systemuser":
  return "?$select=internalemailaddress,azureactivedirectoryobjectid"
 return ""
t.prototype._getLpcIdentifiers = function (e, t) {
 switch (t) {
 case "contact":
  return {
   smtp: e.emailaddress1
 case "systemuser":
  return {
   smtp: e.internalemailaddress,
   aadObjectId: e.azureactivedirectoryobjectid

Further I found that this file:
provides information that it leverages Microsoft Delves Live PersonaCard App or feature to display the popup, which looks similar to what we can find here:

As Office Fabric JS offers a nice framework for controls the idea is not far away to use the components provided there for your own PCF controls which there are already a few controls shared on like this DatePicker control:


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Yet Another Address Autocomplete PCF Control–powered by Bing

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