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How to add your personal PowerBI Dashboard as a system dashboard

Using class extensions in .NET 3.0 like in .NET 3.5

A customer had the requirement to develop his solution with .NET 3.0 framework.
I was already used to the new and nice features of .NET 3.5 framework, especially the class extension feature.

A simple example for a class extension would be like this:

publicclass ReverseString
publicstaticvoid Main()
string s = "Hello World!";
string r = s.Reverse();

staticclass StringHelpers
publicstaticstring Reverse(thisstring s)
char[] c = s.ToCharArray();

In order to use the same feature under .NET 3.0 you can use the following trick:

First create an empty class file (e.g. AttributeExtension.cs) and add this class to your project.

Secondly put the following code in that class:

using System;

namespace System.Runtime.CompilerServices
/// <summary>
/// Indicates that a method is an extension method,
/// or that a class or assembly contains extension methods.
/// </summary>
publicsealedclass …

Remove .NET Framework launch condition from a MSI file

As I created a VS2008 Web Setup project I always had to specify the .Net Framework launch condition. I found no way to deactivate this on the UI.

To work around this problem I used Orca 3.1 (which also enables support and correct handling of x64 application files).

Open up your MSI file and go to Edit->Find and search for:

Delete all rows that contain this word and save the MSI file.

Now you should have gone rid of this annoying behavior/feature.

The installer was interrupted before Application could be installed...

This error occured as I tried to install a custom installer web project, built with VS2008 in 32-Bit or 64-Bit mode on my 64-Bit target system.

To get more details on that error, I tried the following command in my console window:
msiexec /i /l*vx install.log

The log file pointed out the following error:
MSI (c) (60:54) [17:00:43:240]: Attempting to enable all disabled privileges before calling Install on Server
MSI (c) (60:54) [17:00:43:240]: Connected to service for CA interface.
INFO : [06/22/2008 17:00:43:346] [SetTARGETSITE]: Custom Action is starting...
INFO : [06/22/2008 17:00:43:347] [SetTARGETSITE]: CoInitializeEx - COM initialization Apartment Threaded...
ERROR : [06/22/2008 17:00:43:349] [SetTARGETSITE]: FAILED: -2147221164
ERROR : [06/22/2008 17:00:43:349] [SetTARGETSITE]: Custom Action failed with code: '340'
INFO : [06/22/2008 17:00:43:350] [SetTARGETSITE]: Custom Action completed with return code: '340'
Action ended 17:00:43: WEBCA_SetTARGETSITE. Return va…