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How to create new (missing) columns for entities in your Data Export Service Azure SQL database

CRM 2016: Customizing the Sales Performance Dashboard (workaround)

Since CRM 2011 the is a Problem with customizing the OOTB Sales Performance Dashboard. Until today with CRM 2016 SP1 it still is not possible to modifiy the dashboard with the dashboard designer in CRM: Even in MS Connect, Microsoft does not pay a lot of attention to this issue, as its not having many votes. If you try to modify it you will get an error: "Cannot Edit Dashboard. The dashboard could not be opened. Maximum no. of columns allowed in the layout is 4." I also tried to make an unmanaged solution of the dashboard with no success. Even with the default solution you will not get out the required formxml that you want to change. If you have CRM on-prem you still have a chance to actually retrieve the required form XML from the database. This article helps you to find the right table in the ORG_MSCRM database: In this case Need to search through the syste