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How to add your personal PowerBI Dashboard as a system dashboard

Flows not triggering after environment copy

Having read this nice tip from Ankita Chavan posted here it did not resolve our problem. Our instance was not in administration mode and it still did not work. This forced me to create a ticket with Microsoft to solve this issue.

Here are the troubleshooting notes:
- you have flows with a CDS trigger
- none of them are working
- the flows are team flows - connection owned by a different user
- we have created a new CDS flow - it worked
- we have exported an old CDS flow and used the current user's connection and it worked
- you remembered you have copied another org over the current environment

Delete the trigger and recreate it
Internally it was checked with MS team and it seems since it's a CDS trigger copying another environment over the current one will not be supported for the trigger.
What will happen if you copy a different environment over, first all the triggers will be deleted and the other's environment's triggers will be copied on top of this.
So a copy with flows is not supported at the moment.
Then as a workaround if this happens what you can do is delete the triggers you have in that CDS and disable/enable the flows again to recreate the triggers.


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